Handwritten Solutions

Why Hand Addressed Mail?

Get a better return on investment.

Handwritten Mailings was designed to produce results so you can receive the return on investment you deserve. The investment of a personalized direct mail campaign will yield a proven results. Studies show that more than 95% of mail written by hand gets opened. And most importantly, its opened FIRST.


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Handwritten Solutions



Handwritten Mailings has built a name as the premier handwritten direct mail company. With it's industry leading forces in technology and cost effective solutions, Handwritten Mailings is an excellent choice for all your direct mail needs. We specialize in large direct mailings & mail services.


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Handwritten Solutions

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Together with DNR Group, we make handwritten direct mail campaigns a simple and effective project every time, while saving you time and money. Contact us today to improve your mailing ROI and find out what makes us the best choice. Plus Save 10% on your first mailing.



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If you're looking to improve your direct mailing campaigns…look no further than Handwritten Mailings. We used the 'Genuinely Penned' font to launch a donor an appeal for one of our new orphanages in Haiti, and the response was amazing, with many of the partners deeply touched by the personalized mail. It really stands out, and makes a huge difference. By far the best results to date.

Manna Care Ministries

Personalized Direct Mail Services

Marketing has changed. Potential customers or partners are inundated with direct mail services, advertisements and special offers; becoming almost immune to most marketing attempts. You have to get back to the basics. You have to get a better return on your investment. You have to STAND OUT.

Whether you're a non-profit organization or a business looking to make an impact; a personalized handwritten mailing will stand out from the everyday, bland white mass mailings. Giving you a great first impression, a vastly increased open rate, customer excitement and a much higher ROI.

Your clients and prospects generally check their mail the same way that you do. They normally scan each envelope to determine if it's a bill, everyday junk mail, or something actually worth their time and interest. Everything from the color and feel of the envelope, to the type of stamp and address, determines whether or not your direct mail piece will pass this test and get the response you want. If you go the extra mile and personalize the mailing, normally the recipient will respond.

Make a difference today and STAND OUT out from the crowd with a real handwritten envelope or Genuinely Penned™ mailing. Handwritten mail produces proven results, guaranteeing a excellent open rate, giving you a personalized direct mail service that actually works.